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The Music of ‘On Topic’ is a collaborative effort from guitarist Kim Ratcliffe, drummer Aubrey Dayle, and the new blood on the music scene, bassist Brad Cheeseman. The trio is based in Toronto and was formed in early 2015. Each member of the band is now putting aside some of their other musical endeavors to bring music to the world in this trio setting. Each member of the group are leaders of their own solo projects as well. ‘On Topic’ is a project where they have an opportunity to express themselves in an environment where it is good to relinquish some control, and work more as a band

Aubrey Dayle - drums // Kim Ratcliffe - guitar // Brad Cheeseman - bass

Frank Lozano Trio

Fresh renditions of originals and standards in an exciting tenor trio format.

Frank Lozano - sax // Clinton Ryder - bass // Claue Lavergne - drums

Kevin Dean and Friends

With Freedom Comes Responsibility.......

Kevin Dean - trumpet // Jean-Nicolas Trottier - slide trombone // Alec Walkington - bass violin // Andre White - drums and cymbals

Pat Battstone and Kit Demos with special guest Antonella Chionna

Chamber Improvizations between voice, piano and bass. Emphasis on conversational aspects of spontaneous music.

Antonella Chionna - vocals // Pat Battstone - piano // Kit Demos - bass

Jean-Christophe Béney Trio

Kalmunity Jazz Project

Montréal Contemporary Music Lab


Classical Piano

Turner/Vial/Kirmayer/De Masi/White

Dave Turner - alto saxophone // Andres Vial - piano // Sam Kirmayer - guitar // Mike De Masi - bass // André White - drums

Brahja Waldman

The final show of a six week album launch tour.

Devin Brahja Waldman - saxophone and compositions // Damon Shadrach Hankoff - piano // Isis Giraldo - synths and voice // Martin Heslop - bass // Daniel Gélinas - drums

Whim and Torinói ló

An eccentric and experimental night of prepared piano, drums, electric guitar and live-electronics celebrating the album launch of ensemble Whim alongside Torinói Ló presented by Kohlenstoff Records.

Whim - Ofer Pelz and Preston Beebe - prepared piano and drums/percussion

Jean-Christophe Béney Trio

Kalmunity Jazz Project

Blake Hawley Quartet

Original quartet music.

Blake Hawley - guitar // Jules Payette - alto saxophone // Stéphane Krims - bass // Kyle Hutchins - drums

Resonance Reading Series

Linda Besner, Jay Winston Ritchie, Michael Mirolla, Anita Dolman

Suprême Célébration présenté par Trading Places

Suoni Per Il Popolo, Now Society, CJLO - 1690AM,, Trading Places & CKUT 90.3FM Présentent Trading Places: Montréal/Vancouver Improvisers' Exchange presents a continuous Supreme Celebration, a marathon of John Coltrane’s Love Supreme poem with Tony Wilson, Elisa Thorn and Montreal friends.
james annett - vla
scott thomson - tbn
lisa cay miller - pno

elizabeth millar - cl
vicky mettler - guitar
james meger - bass

jean derome - sax
elisa thorn - harp
aaron lumley - bass

10 - break

liz lima - cl
tony wilson - guitar
nicolas caloia - bass
isaiah ceccarelli - drums

joshua zubot - viola
bryan highbloom - sax
ted crosby - sax
ellwood epps - tpt

yves charuest - sax
craig pedersen - tpt
raphael foisy couture - bass
ivan bamford - drums

Portes: 19h. Musique: 20:30h.
$8 / $8

Ted Crosby/James Meger/Michel Lambert

Ted Crosby brings Vancouver bassist and long time collaborator James Meger to the Resonance stage to play original music and improvisations. The wonderful Michel Lambert will be joining them on drums.

Ted Crosby - saxophone // James Meger - bass // Michel Lambert - drums

Frank Lozano Trio

Dan Blake and The Digging

Brooklyn-based saxophonist Dan Blake’s wide-ranging career traverses many different musical communities both in and out of the jazz world. Dubbed a “virtuoso” by the New York Times, he has toured and recorded with great artists as different as avant guru Anthony Braxton, Grammy-winning jazz-pop star Esperanza Spalding and Grammy-nominated guitarist Julian Lage, and has forged a unique sound on his instrument through all of these collaborations. The Boston Globe has noted that Blake “regards tradition as a welcoming playground best approached with a sense of wonder and adventure,” an attitude he brings to his latest release for Sunnyside Records entitled The Digging, a trio date featuring world-renowned drummer Eric Harland and bassist Dmitry Ishenko. The recording is a follow-up of sorts to the 2012 release The Aquarian Suite (Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records), which was proclaimed by the Boston Phoenix to be “one of the most ridiculously satisfying discs we’ve heard in some time.”

Dan Blake - saxophone // Dmitry Ishenko - bass // Evan Tighe - drums

Jean-Christophe Béney Trio

Kalmunity Jazz Project

Blake Hawley Quartet

Original quartet music.

Blake Hawley - guitar // Evan Shay - tenor saxophone // Antoine Pelegrin - bass // Eric Maillet - drums

Feel Burned and Gisèle live at Résonance Café

Feel Burned is a modern jazz group of Montreal with multiple influences . Among those include notably funk, rock and bulgar music. The group is the result of many beautiful meetings that have been organized around the guitarist and composer Philippe Bernier. The compositions combined to the instrumentalist talent of each member make the experience pleasant and authentic.

Philippe Bernier (Feel Burned) - guitar // Mathieu Royer (Feel Burned) - doublebass // Mathieu Langlois (Feel Burned) - saxophone // Dave Croteau (Feel Burned) - drums // Louis Beaudoin (Gisèle) - 7 strings guitar // Miriam Pilette (Gisèle) - guitar // Alex Dodier (Gisèle) - saxophone and pedal effect // Dave Croteau (Gisèle) - drums

Mark Nelson Trio

Bryan McNamara

Gabriel Lambert Quartet

With compositions in the world of early modern classical and 1960's free jazz, the Gabriel Lambert Quartet explores calm, space and tension.

Gabriel Lambert - guitar // Andres Vial - piano // Adrian Vedady - upright bass // Michel Lambert - drums

Ryan Kelly Presents:

[pink]c (Gleb Kanasevich)
Gier (Martin Schüttler)
New work (Maxime Daigneault)
Buanderie Montréalaise (Danielle Palardy Roger)
Aus den Sieben Tagen (Stockhausen)
For any 3 instruments (Isaiah Ceccarelli)

Jean-Christophe Béney Trio

Kalmunity Jazz Project

Blake Hawley Quartet

Original quartet music.

Blake Hawley - guitar // Jean-Nicolas Trottier - trombone // Levi Dover - bass // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums

Malcolm Sailor Presents:

Jason Rosenblatt


Tatsuya Nakatani - percussion // Nicolas Caloia - doublebass // Philippe Lauzier - wind // Ellwood Epps - lips


Bebop, Hard-Bop & Standards.

Sam Kirmayer - guitar // Andres Vial - piano // Mike De Masi - bass // Valérie Lacombe - drums


A tribute to Tool.

Jules Payette - alto saxophone // Evan Shay - tenor saxophone // Blake Hawley - guitar // Stéphane Krims - bass // Eric Maillet - drums

Jean-Christophe Béney Trio

Kalmunity Jazz Project

l'Envers presents Chris Speed's Endangered Blood

“We are a neighborhood band, all living within three blocks of each other. Initially we played for an ailing friends' benefit concert and by demand we continued to perform together, developing a book of music built around the band's sound and dynamic energy. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty with the music and have a great time making fun of each other.”
Presented by l'Envers

Chris Speed - tenor saxophone & clarinet // Oscar Noriega - alto saxophone & bass clarinet // Trevor Dunn - bass // Jim Black - drums


Flugzeug Trio

Flugzeug Trio is a prog-jazz Montreal-based band. Since the very beginning of the project an incredible chemistry between all three members has been leading the band in the most natural way, setting things up for amazing discoveries.The bass-less trio performs originals, which can best be described as very melodic with insane dynamics. Most compositions are written by Chapais, Gagné joining his out of the box ideas to Meza’s unusual rhythms to create a truly inventive project

Julie Chapais - guitar // Martin Gagné - saxophone // Samuel Brassard - bass // Gonza Meza - drums

Steve Amirault Trio

Toronto musician Steve Amirault is considered to be one of the most accomplished artists in Canada. The Nova Scotia-born musician has released five celebrated albums and is currently preparing his new recording. His world-class piano playing, combined with his rich, soulful baritone voice, make Steve Amirault a performer not to be missed.

Steve Amirault - pno/vox // Adrian Vedady - bass // Greg Ritchie - drums

Lara Driscoll

Chicago-based jazz pianist Lara Driscoll returns to Montreal for a performance of original compositions and arrangements of jazz standards, featuring one of Montreal's finest rhythm sections: Dave Laing (drums) and Mike DeMasi (bass).

Lara Driscoll - piano // Dave Laing - drums // Mike DeMasi - bass

Ali Levy Sings & Plays

Ali Levy sings and plays standards from the Great American Songbook!

Ali Levy - double bass & voice // Andres Vial - piano // Ben Zweig - drums // Sam Kirmayer - guitar

The Worst Pop Band Ever

With influences ranging from Wayne Shorter to J Dilla to Levon Helm, The Worst Pop Band Ever is a Toronto based quintet that tries to combine a love of improvisational jazz and indie pop. They will be celebrating their 10th anniversary of doing so in 2016 with the release of their latest album. The album is entitled “Blackout” and is their musical take on what transpired in Toronto during the Great Northeastern Blackout of 2003.

Chris Gale - saxophone // Adrean Farrugia - piano // Gordon Mowat - bass // Tim Shia - drums

Félix Desbiens Quartet

Original compositions for quartet

Jules Payette - alto saxophone // Félix Desbiens - guitar // Levi Dover - bass // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums

Earl Grey Trio +2

Earl Grey is a free-bop ensemble drawing inspiration from the likes of great American composers Thelonious Monk, Eric Dolphy, Ornette Coleman, and Dave Liebman. This quintet is an expansion of the Earl Grey Trio, who recorded their debut release Team Watermelon in late 2015.

Kyle Hutchins - drums // Evan Shay - reeds // Ted Crosby - reeds // Rafael Zaldivar - piano // Mathieu McConnell-Enright - bass

Jean-Nicolas Trottier 10tet

Sonic Perfume at Cafe Resonance

Sonic Perfume is an adventurous trio that spans across the lines and borders of jazz as well as geographical locations. Splitting members between Canada and Michigan, Patrick Booth, Jonathan Taylor, and Phill Albert continue to push music forward by exploring compositions intended for improvisation, drawing on the diverse history of modern jazz traditions.

Phill Albert - bass and effects // Patrick Booth - saxophones // Jon Tayler - drumset