Upcoming Events

Greg Amirault Trio

Greg Amirault - guitar // Adrian Vedady - bass // Greg Ritchie - drums

Evan Shay Standards Band

Theo Abellard and the Bible Study

Jazz Quintet led by Theo Abellard. They will be playing original tunes as well as modern jazz tunes and arrangements of standards from composers such as Kendrick Scott, Thelonious Monk and Robert Glasper.

Theo Abellard - piano // Aaron Dolman - drums // Levi Dover - bass // Michael Bruzzese - guitar // Jude Fillion - alto sax


Kalmunity Jazz Project

Live, organic improv drawing from jazz, hip-hop, reggae, funk, afro-beat, and more. Every Sunday at 9:45.

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental #Vocal #Funk

The Best Reception

The Best Reception is arrangements for two classical guitars and contrabass of songs by Kurt Chaboyer and David Rattle. Lyrics by Kurt Chaboyer.

Kurt Chaboyer - classical guitar & voice // David Ratelle - classical guitar // Pierre-Alexandre Maranda - contrabass

#Classical #Original #Vocal

Resonance Reading Series

Joni Murphy, rob mclennan, Owain Nicholson, Joe Denham, Kasia Juno, Sandra Ridley


Classical Piano Night

Beyond the concert stage: the exploration of classical piano music in an untraditional space


Victor Haskins & Moving Sound Pictures

Moving Sound Pictures is an innovative one-man-band concept which utilizes the EWI, cornet, live sampling/looping, and virtuosic improvisation to transcend genre in order to present to audiences a very unique and wondrous experience of live, spontaneous music production and orchestration. There will be an exciting and eclectic blend of original music, covers of music from artists such as John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, and Sting, and grooves/rhythms from around the world.

Victor Haskins - cornet, ewi, synthesizer

L'OFF Festival de Jazz: Tevet Sela Quartet - Lying Sun

Infused with the blues, as well as with middle-eastern seasonings on account of his Israeli cultural heritage, alto saxophonist Tevet Sela’s music brings together a wealth and variety of influences that few musicians possess.

Tevet Sela - saxophone // John Roney - piano // Fraser Hollins - bass // Martin Auguste - drums


Ron Seguin Quartet

Modern jazz compositions

Ron Seguin - bass // Jeff Johnston - piano // Frank Lozano - sax // Kevin Warren - drums

#Jazz #Original music

L'OFF Festival de Jazz: Chaosmos

Chaosmos loves to find order in disorder. One can hear obstinant melodic tangles, suggesting movement through dense underbrush. The group takes a collective approach to improvisation, in which each player is on equal footing.

Philippe Lauzier - bass clarinet, alto saxophone, composition // Nicolas Caloia - bass // Yves Charuest - alto saxophone // Thom Gossage - drums


Alex Levine Quartet

Alex Levine is a guitarist, composer, and improviser, currently living in New York City. He graduated from the University of Michigan jazz studies program in 2012, where he studied with Geri Allen and Frank Portolese, and is an alumnus of the Banff International Jazz and Creative Music Workshop. In New York, he has continued his studies with Miles Okazaki and Henry Grimes. Alex has played with groups led by Francois Moutin, Geri Allen, Marcus Belgrave, Andrew Bishop, and many others, along with leading his own projects, performing concerts throughout the United States and Europe. Alex is a founding member of Polyfold Musical Arts Collective, whose focus is to support the creation, presentation, and ongoing development of creative music, and to foster artistic expression through education and outreach.

Alex Levine - guitar // Yuma Uesaka - saxophone // Jay Sawyer - drums // Sam Weber - bass


L'OFF Festival de Jazz: Sienna Dahlen Ice Age Paradise Pre-Launch Album Party

Vocalist/songwriter Sienna Dahlen and guitarist, François Jalbert invite the media and public to join them for an intimate “teaser” performance and album listening session of music from Sienna’s up and coming record, “Ice Age Paradise”. Sienna’s new music video for the song, “Drifting Daydream” (filmed in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland) will also be shown for the occasion.

Sienna Dahlen - voice // François Jalbert - guitar

#Jazz #Vocal

Kalmunity Jazz Project

Live, organic improv drawing from jazz, hip-hop, reggae, funk, afro-beat, and more. Every Sunday at 9:45.

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental #Vocal #Funk


Original music and lesser-heard jazz repertoire in a chordless trio format.

Colin Power - saxophone // Martin Heslop - bass // Mark Nelson - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Instrumental

MMA (Mike Bjella, Andre White, Martin Heslop)

Mike, Martin and Andre improvise over jazz stardards.

Mike Bjella - saxophone // Martin Heslop - bass // Andre White - drums

Emilio R Sextet

We'll share love through music.

Simon Millerd - trumpet // Mike Bjella - tenor // Ted Crosby - woodwinds // Mathieu McConnell-Enright - bass // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums // Emilio Reyna - piano & compositions

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental

L'OFF Festival de Jazz: Isis Giraldo Poetry Project

With her musical project inspired by her father’s poems, Isis Giraldo and her musicians explore new territories with each performance. The juxtaposition of the poet’s ideas and those of the composer creates a powerful dynamic.

Isis Giraldo - piano, voice // Simon Millerd - trumpet // Jane Chan - cello // Kai Basanta - drums // Ben Dwyer - bass


If not today

Lori Freedman invites partners from her two long-standing duos to play entirely new trio music: Queen Mab’s Marilyn Lerner (piano) and Mercury’s Nicolas Caloia (bass).

Lori Freedman - clarinets // Marilyn Lerner - piano // Nicolas Caloia - bass

L'OFF Festival de Jazz: Olivier Babaz Trio

Oliver Babaz presents a very personal blend of upright bass and kalimba. The original pieces oscillate between spacey textures and formal writing, complementing the freshness of the trio’s improvisations.

Olivier Babaz - bass, kalimba // François Jalbert - guitar // Mark Nelson - drums


Ken Shorley Trio with Shawn Mativetsky

Ken Shorley Trio is a dynamic world-percussion group, with a sound that is energetic and groove-centric, playful and hypnotic. The drumming is crisp and melodic, and the original compositions are intricate and richly multi-layered. The trio features Nova Scotia-based percussionist/composer Ken Shorley, with percussionists Adam Campbell and Daniel Morphy, of Toronto's TorQ Percussion Quartet. The Trio will be joined by Montreal's tabla guru, Shawn Mativetsky, for an evening of collaborative groove.

Ken Shorley Trio - hand drums, world percussion // Shawn Mativetsky - tabla

L'OFF Festival de Jazz: Nomad

Rhythmic and visceral, Nomad’s music is the result of a meticulous search, an authentic collaborative spirit and a great sense of freedom.

Ted Crosby - clarinet // Mike Bjella - saxophone // Simon Millerd - trumpet // Jake Wiens - guitar // Ben Dwyer - bass // Kai Basanta - drums

#Jazz #Original

Chronicle Infinitas

Chronicle Infinitas plays chamber music that goes on and off the page, melts, sprouts, sports many outfits. Founded in 2012 by Mike Bjella, 'Chronic' is a fixture at Montreal's Resonance Cafe, house shows across Canada and Casa del Popolo. Size, instrumentation and compositions always in flux, it's members include east and west coasters - Simon Millerd, Jane Chan, Peggy Lee, Jacob Bergson, Anh Phung, Dan Reynolds, James Meager, Thomas Quail, Conrad Good, Krisjana Thorsteinson and Gab Drolet.

Mike Bjella - woodwinds // Gab Drolet - bass // Krisjana Thorsteinson - oboe // Jane Chan - cello // Simon Millerd - trumpet

Kalmunity Jazz Project

Live, organic improv drawing from jazz, hip-hop, reggae, funk, afro-beat, and more. Every Sunday at 9:45.

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental #Vocal #Funk

Taylor Donaldson Big Band

Big band standards and originals from the band book!

Benjamin Deschamps - alto sax // Jason Stillman - alto sax // Annie Dominique - tenor sax // Michael Johancsik - tenor sax // Philippe Côté - baritone sax // Dominic Rossi - trumpet // Andy King - trumpet // Jacques Seguin - trumpet // David Martin - trombone // Olivier Hebert - trombone // Taylor Donaldson - trombone // Jean-Sébastien Vachon - bass trombone // Andrew Boudreau - piano // Sébastien Pellerin - bass // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums

Simon Millerd Group ft. Pablo Held

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental

Sonic Perfume at Cafe Resonance

Sonic Perfume is an adventurous trio that spans across the lines and borders of jazz as well as geographical locations. Splitting members between Canada and Michigan, Patrick Booth, Jonathan Taylor, and Phill Albert continue to push music forward by exploring compositions intended for improvisation, drawing on the diverse history of modern jazz traditions.

Phill Albert - bass and effects // Patrick Booth - saxophones // Jon Tayler - drumset

Mark Nelson's Sympathetic Frequencies

“…the music is more adventurous than one could expect. Nelson has penned a program of originals that are contemporary in concept yet jazzy at heart.” - Marc Chénard, La Scena Musicale

Mike Bjella - tenor saxophone // Andrew Boudreau - piano // Nicolas Bédard - double bass // Mark Nelson - drums

Altsys Jazz Orchestra Hommage à Kenny Wheeler

Altsys Jazz Orchestra pays musical tribute to the late trumpeter/composer Kenny Wheeler. We will feature many of Kenny's compositions as well as music inspired by him.

Jennifer Bell - saxes // Bill Mahar - trpt // Frank Lozano - saxes // Cam Wallis - saxes // Jocelyn Veilleux - horn // Dave Martin - trombone // Christopher Smith - bass trombone & tuba // Jocelyn Couture - trpt // Aron Doyle - trpt // Josh Rager - pno // Clinton Ryder - bass // Kevin Warren - drums


The Jessica Stuart Few CD Release w/Corinna Rose

You wouldn’t expect it from a white girl who grew up in Canada, but the Japanese ‘koto’ is in Jessica’s blood. Growing up with a ‘koto’ master for a mother, Stuart lived in Japan as a child, and came upon the traditional 13-stringed harp honestly, studying with her mother’s sensei. Stuart’s innovative songwriting shows her love of guitar-heavy rock and soul music on equal footing with the Canadian singer-songwriter tradition. Described as “Joni Mitchell meets Frank Zappa in Japan”, soaring lead vocals are coupled with a unique take on the ‘koto’ and backed by double bass, drums and 3-part harmonies, putting the trio on media’s “must-hear” lists worldwide. Following in folk footsteps, Stuart delves lyrically into tales of the human experience, with the unexpected accompaniment of rhythm-heavy grooves that make audiences of all ages compelled to sing, clap and stomp along.

Jessica Stuart - koto, guitar, vocals // Charles James - double bass, backing vocals // Tony Nesbitt-Larking - drums, backing vocals

Kalmunity Jazz Project

Live, organic improv drawing from jazz, hip-hop, reggae, funk, afro-beat, and more. Every Sunday at 9:45.

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental #Vocal #Funk

Reno De Stefano Trio

Jazz guitarist Reno De Stefano will be presenting his trio, featuring Martin Heslop (bass), and Guillaume Pilote (drums). The trio will be playing tunes by Pat Martino, Wes Montgomery, Chick Corea, as well as a mix of standards and original compositions. Fun Evening, come hear the band !

Reno De Stefano - guitar // Martin Heslop - bass // Guillaume Pilote - drums

Luc Herrmann Group

Luc Herrmann - guitar // Jules Payette - saxophone // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums // Levi Dover - bass


Papacho Sirdey Trio. Featuring Olivier Babaz and Ivan Bamford

Original compositions and standards. Musicians with multicultural backgrounds blend their influences creating a high energy, spontaneous and fresh sound.

Papacho Sirdey - piano // Olivier Babaz - double bass // Ivan Bamford - drums

#Jazz #Original #Standards #Experimental #Instrumental

Spectrolite Ensemble CD Release

Spectrolite Ensemble is a trio of clarinet, cello and piano performing classical and contemporary music. Their debut CD, featuring music by Beethoven, Zemlinsky and Roberto Sierra will be available at the show.

Sean Rice - clarinet // Vernon Regehr - cello // Patrick Cashin - piano

Poste AM Quintet

A reunion of like minded jazzers, close at heart yet geographically far apart. Their sonic worlds combine for one night only!

Lex French - trumpet // Annie Dominique - tenor saxophone // Lara Driscoll - piano // Nicolas Bédard - double bass // Mark Nelson - drums

Kevin Dean and Friends

#Jazz #Standards

Salsa Dancing Night with Cuban Flavour All Star Orchestra

Rafael Zaldivar - piano/musical director

#Salsa #Dance

Kalmunity Jazz Project

Live, organic improv drawing from jazz, hip-hop, reggae, funk, afro-beat, and more. Every Sunday at 9:45.

#Jazz #Original #Instrumental #Vocal #Funk

Lara Driscoll Trio

Lara Driscoll - piano // Rémi-Jean LeBlanc - bass // Dave Laing - drums


Kim Zombik Quartet

Kim Zombik - voice // kate wyatt - piano // adrian vedady - bass // andre white - drums

#Jazz #Standards #Vocal

The Bombadils + Ryanhood

Canadian maritimer Luke Fraser and prairie-girl Sarah Frank share a love of folk songs and fiddle tunes. Drawing from the Canadian, American, and Celtic traditions, the two pour the spirit of story-telling and kitchen parties into their own writing. Luke brings guitar, mandolin and home-grown east coast vocals in harmony with Sarah’s singing, lyrical fiddle playing and claw-hammer banjo.
Named ‘Best Group/Duo’ in the 2014 International Acoustic Music Awards, acoustic-duo Ryanhood got their first break more than a decade ago as street-performers at Boston’s Quincy Market. It was there that they were spotted by a college booking agent and thrust into the college touring scene, where Campus Activities Magazine would name them “one of the most requested acts by college buyers all across the country.” They’ve since gone on to perform more than 800 shows in 45 U.S. states over the past decade and have shared stages with Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson, Train, American Authors, and have even been tweeted about by Ellen DeGeneres.

The Bombadils - folk / celtic / bluegrass // Ryanhood - acoustic folk pop

Samuel Cousineau Trio feat. Donny Kennedy

Samuel Cousineau - alto saxophone // Donny Kennedy - alto saxophone // Andre White - drums // Mathieu McConnell - bass


Amy Brandon - CD Release

Sculptural and evocative, guitarist Amy Brandon's solo compositions and improvised pieces draw from the worlds of jazz, classical and electroacoustic music.
".. mesmerizing nylon-string guitar work. Anchored by a droning backdrop of stretched and scrambled guitar sounds, she traced rapid, tangling trajectories in a performance that was one of the festival’s highlights."
- Nick Storring - Musicworks Magazine

Amy Brandon - classical guitar and electronics // Mike Rud - guitar


ihtimanska is a montreal based duo playing creative takes on traditional and classical turkish and bulgarian music, from a wide cross section of the repertoire - complex bulgarian choral arrangements and funky-metered dance tunes, music from ottoman courts and sufi ceremony, centuries old protest songs from repressed villages, with a complicity and sweetness.

Ariane Morin - saxophone // Yoni Kaston - accordion, piano

Rallidae - album release show

Rallidae is an intimate and unconventional vocal group founded by composer and saxophonist Angela Morris. Combining songs and improvisation, Rallidae inhabits the increasingly populated sonic space between avant-indie and avant-jazz. Their 2014 EP “Paper Birds” was praised as “combining strong melodies and narratives… a genuinely distinctive, and entertaining, combination of sounds and words. “Paper Birds” is an exceptional debut from an exciting and innovative new band.” (All About Jazz) The mostly Brookyln-based group features guitarist Dustin Carlson, bassist Scott Colberg, Angela Morris on tenor saxophone and voice, and the Toronto-based vocalist Alex Samaras (Meredith Monk, Tanya Tagaq). This December they tour the east coast and Canada in support of their debut full-length album “Turned, and Was.”

Angela Morris - tenor saxophone // Alex Samaras - voice // Dustin Carlson - electric guitar // Scott Colberg - acoustic bass