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Luc Herrmann Group

Luc Herrmann is a Montreal based guitarist and a strong voice in the next generation of great jazz musicians the city has developed a reputation for. Having heavily studied the jazz guitar tradition, all the while appreciating current composers and improvisers, Luc’s sound is a natural blend of the old and the new. The band always brings a high level of energy and great camaraderie to each performance having played together now for a number of years.

Luc Herrmann Group

Lara Driscoll Trio

Chicago-based jazz pianist Lara Driscoll returns to Montreal for a performance of original compositions and arrangements of jazz standards, featuring one of Montreal's finest rhythm sections: Dave Laing (drums) and Rémi-Jean LeBlanc (bass).

Lara Driscoll - piano // Dave Laing - drums // Rémi-Jean LeBlanc - bass

Ben Deschamps Quintet

After a first record in quartet, Ben Deschamps invites Jean-Nicolas Trottier to join the group for new material and to record later this year a second album.

Ben Deschamps - saxophone // Jean-Nicolas Trottier - trombone // Charles Trudel - piano // Seb Pellerin - bass // Al Bourgeois - drums

Kevin Dean and Friends

Kevin Dean - trumpet // Lex French - trumpet // Marie Fatima Rudolf - piano // Valerie Lacombe - drums // Finn McConnell - bass

Simon Millerd

Kalmunity Jazz Project

Mike Bruzzese 5tet

This exciting band will be playing a selection of original compositions and swinging standards by Thelonious Monk, Joshua Redman and more...

Mike Bruzzese - guitar // Alex Francoeur - tenor saxophone // Gentiane MG - piano // Finn McConnell - bass // John Buck - drums

Duo Co-motion

Contemporary works for cello and piano

Andrea Stewart - cello // Katherine Dowling - piano

The Charlie Haden Project

A tribute project to the great Charlie Haden. All original arrangements of his compositions from various periods of his career.

Brandon Goodwin - drums // Ben Dwyer - bass // Julien Sandiford - guitar // Gary Schwartz - guitar // Joe Ferracuti - piano // Modibo Keita - trombone // Taylor Donaldson - trombone // Simon Millerd - trumpet // Renee Yoxon - voice

Lawful Citizen

Duotone Series

Kevin Dean & Friends

Aaron Dolman Love Songs Group

The Love Songs Group is the product of a simple idea: to spread as much joy and love as possible through jazz standards, as well as lesser known compositions. The group is led by drummer Aaron Dolman, who has enlisted an ensemble of sympathetic musicians, all of whom emanate warmth when they perform.

Alex Francoeur - saxophone // Kenny Bibace - guitar // Theo Sunny Abellard - piano // Mathieu McConnell-Enright - bass // Aaron Dolman - drums

Kalmunity Jazz Project

Jean-Nicolas Trottier 10tet

Want Slash Need (Pemi Paull)

Want Slash Need: Montreal instrumental group. Garage-classical. Chamber rock/pop/electro. Tonal or atonal. Electric Guitar, Cello, Viola, Bass Clarinet.

Louise Campbell - bass clarinet // Geof Holbrook - electric guitar, samples // Pemi Paull - viola // Jean-Christophe Lizotte - cello // Maude Lussier - french horn


The version for string quartet of J.S. Bach's Art of the Fuge, followed by Shostakovich piano Quintet with pianist Philippe Prud'homme.

Quatuor Miron - string quartet // Philippe Prud'homme - piano

AFJP -Dim Sum Jazz

Presentation of the material of our album Dim Sum Jazz, plus a couple of standards from the Jazz repertoire...

Annam Nguyen - guitar


Thanya Iyer is a balance between the subtleties of folk song-writing, jazz harmonies, free/prog interludes with a soft electronic touch. The band is releasing their debut album, Do you Dream, a 75 minute adventure about change and growth.

Thanya Iyer - voice, piano, violin, synth // Shaina Hayes - voice // Alex Kasirer-Smibert - bass, synth // Daniel Gélinas - drums, drum machine // Sarah Pagé - harp

Chris Maskell Trio

Ottawa-born, Montreal-based saxophonist Chris Maskell is an emerging voice in the local jazz scene. As a recent graduate of McGill University’s jazz program, he’s had the chance to study with saxophonists such as Donny Kennedy, Frank Lozano and Rémi Bolduc. His latest project finds him in a trio setting alongside two frequent collaborators, bassist Levi Dover and drummer Louis-Vincent Hamel. Together, the group explores their own original compositions and re-imagines choice jazz standards, producing creative and exciting music.

Chris Maskell - saxophone // Levi Dover - bass // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums

Resonance Reading Series

Danila Botha; JC Bouchard; Cyrus Cassells; Laurie D. Graham; Stephen Thomas

Jason Rosenblatt Quartet

The Jason Rosenblatt Quartet Featuring genre-busting harmonica, Jason Rosenblatt’s, Wiseman’s Rag delivers a slightly twisted take on blues, roots and early jazz. Composer, pianist and vocalist Jason Rosenblatt is one of the world’s foremost harmonica innovators. A disciple of master Howard Levy, his performance on the unassuming instrument helped open new musical ground for the instrument long associated with “the blues,” into art forms as diverse as jazz, bluegrass, klezmer and Turkish music. Rosenblatt, best known for his work with Montreal-based Shtreiml, with whom he has recorded four albums and toured internationally, eschews the group’s Eastern-European inflections and instead turns to the sounds of the Mighty Mississippi for inspiration. With hues of Jelly Roll Morton, Professor Longhair and Sonny Boy Williamson, Rosenblatt’s all original repertoire is gritty but performed with good humour. A glorious dedication to the humble harmonica Tim Stokes. AmericanaUK. April 2016

Jason Rosenblatt - harmonica, piano, vocals // Joel Kerr - bass // Cordell Henebury - guitar // Thierry Arsenault - drums

Stéphane Krims Trio

An ex-McGill trio featuring a mix of original repertoire, personal favorites and old classics.

Stéphane Krims - bass/vocals // Daniel Arthur - piano // Kyle Hutchins - drums

Reno De Stefano Trio

Jazz guitarist Reno De Stefano will be presenting his New Trio , featuring Mike De Masi (bass), and Guillaume Pilote (drums). The trio will be playing tunes by Pat Martino, Wes Montgomery, Chick Corea, as well as standards and original compositions. Fun Evening, come hear the band !

Reno De Stefano - guitar // Mike De Masi - bass // Guillaume Pilote - drums

Le trio Luce Bélanger - Lancement d'album

The Luce Bélanger Trio launches his debut album, Geranium, at the edge of where Jazz, Classical and Singer Songwriter music intersect. The trio is intrigued by varying the soundscape, creating evocative textures and exchanging musical roles. At the root of their musical dialogue is the collaboration and pleasure of re-engineering every performance of each piece through improvisation.

Luce Bélanger - piano/voice // Nicolas Bédard - double bass // Mark Nelson - drum

Fay Victor Montreal Ensemble

Vocalist/composer Fay Victor, called “artistically complete” by the New York Times, consistently hones a unique vision of the vocalist’s role in jazz and improvised music. Victor’s snake-like ability to fuse her prodigious vocal talents in myriad music arenas. This time she will be at Resonance Café to play some jazz tunes, Herbie Nicol's music with local creative artists.
(Names will be announced in a few weeks.)
(the title of the concert could be changed)

Fay Victor - voice

Bellwether4 (Toronto)

Bellwether4 is a Toronto based quartet, focusing on improvised/avant-garde music. Following the steps of Ornette Coleman, Anthony Braxton, and many others, Bellwether4 is dedicated to creating it's own original music.

Anthony Argatoff - alto saxophone // Emily Denison - trumpet // Victor Vrankulj - acoustic bass // Andrew Miller - drums

Gentiane MG Quartet featuring Frank Lozano

Jazz Standards, arrangements and a couple of original compositions. Focusing on improvisation, freedom, and stretched forms, it will be a night full of surprises for the musicians and for the public.

Frank Lozano - saxophone // Gentiane MG - piano // Levi Dover - bass // Guillaume Pilote - drums

Luc Herrmann Group

Luc Herrmann is a Montreal based guitarist and a strong voice in the next generation of great jazz musicians the city has developed a reputation for. Having heavily studied the jazz guitar tradition, all the while appreciating current composers and improvisers, Luc’s sound is a natural blend of the old and the new. As a recent McGill graduate, Luc was able to study and perform with some of the best jazz musicians Canada has to offer. His personal project “The Luc Herrmann Group” is a modern Jazz quartet in which he can most truly express his artistic vision in composition and improvisation, performing mainly his own work and select repertoire from his heroes. The band always brings a high level of energy and great camaraderie to each performance having played together now for a number of years.

Luc Herrmann - guitar // Jules Payette - saxophone // Levi Dover - bass // Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums

Gabriel Lambert Trio

Gabriel Lambert, Sage Reynolds and Bucky Wheaton, old comrades, 10 years, tunes and stretches, surprises.

Gabriel Lambert - guitar // Sage Reynolds - bass // Mark Wheaton - drums

Mike Bjella & friends

Saxophonist Mike Bjella returns to Montreal.

Ken Shorley Trio with Shawn Mativetsky

Ken Shorley Trio is a dynamic world-percussion group, with a sound that is energetic and groove-centric, playful and hypnotic. The drumming is crisp and melodic, and the original compositions are intricate and richly multi-layered. The trio features Nova Scotia-based percussionist/composer Ken Shorley, with percussionists Adam Campbell and Daniel Morphy, of Toronto's TorQ Percussion Quartet. The Trio will be joined by Montreal's tabla guru, Shawn Mativetsky, for an evening of collaborative groove.

Ken Shorley Trio - hand drums, world percussion // Shawn Mativetsky - tabla

Sonic Perfume at Cafe Resonance

Sonic Perfume is an adventurous trio that spans across the lines and borders of jazz as well as geographical locations. Splitting members between Canada and Michigan, Patrick Booth, Jonathan Taylor, and Phill Albert continue to push music forward by exploring compositions intended for improvisation, drawing on the diverse history of modern jazz traditions.

Phill Albert - bass and effects // Patrick Booth - saxophones // Jon Tayler - drumset

Mark Nelson's Sympathetic Frequencies

“…the music is more adventurous than one could expect. Nelson has penned a program of originals that are contemporary in concept yet jazzy at heart.” - Marc Chénard, La Scena Musicale

Mike Bjella - tenor saxophone // Andrew Boudreau - piano // Nicolas Bédard - double bass // Mark Nelson - drums

Poste AM Quintet

A reunion of like minded jazzers, close at heart yet geographically far apart. Their sonic worlds combine for one night only!

Lex French - trumpet // Annie Dominique - tenor saxophone // Lara Driscoll - piano // Nicolas Bédard - double bass // Mark Nelson - drums

Spectrolite Ensemble CD Release

Spectrolite Ensemble is a trio of clarinet, cello and piano performing classical and contemporary music. Their debut CD, featuring music by Beethoven, Zemlinsky and Roberto Sierra will be available at the show.

Sean Rice - clarinet // Vernon Regehr - cello // Patrick Cashin - piano